New - Halo Quilt Acrylic Templates by Jen Kingwell


Halo Templates
The Halo quilt acrylic templates are a set of 7 templated to go with the Halo' quilt designed by Jen Kingwell from Amitie Textiles in Australia. The Halo pattern is included in the 'Jenny From One Block' pattern booklet contains all the information needed to recreate 10 repeat block quilts.  Simple blocks are sometimes all it takes to make a stunning quilt.   This produt is the Halo Templates ONLY. The 'Jenny From One Block' booklet is available separately . I also stock Jen Kingwell's fabrics & Jen Kingwell's patterns  


For fabric orders, the price shown for quantity 1 is per Fat Quarter Metre (unless stated otherwise on the product page).  If you order more than 1 unit, the fabrics will be cut as a single run where possible. If you order quantity 2 = a half metre will be cut, quantity 3 = three quarters of a metre, quantity 4 = one metre, quantity 8 = two metres.


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