Quiltmania Magazine No 149 May-June 2022


QM 05-22

Due to huge price rises by Quiltmania I have been forced to increase the price of Quiltmania magazines.


Inside of your May – June 2022 issue:

  • Portrait: Gert van Raalten
  • Exhibition: The 16th Quilt Nihon Exhibition
  • Textile Stories: The Joanna S. Rose Red & White Collection
  • Quilts Home Tour: Cathelijn Wijnands

This issue’s projects with patterns and explanations:

  • Mystery Quilt “Clementine” : Third part by Irene Blanck (Download the erratum HERE)
  • Golden Wattle by Claire Cazali
  • A Little Touch of Sweetness by Robyn Falloon
  • Bottle Brush Bursts by Robin Koehler
  • Dresden Dance by Kristen Clay
  • Dragonflies by Anne-Marie Saudo
  • Friendship Stars by Michèle Beugnon


For fabric orders, the price shown for quantity 1 is per Fat Quarter Metre (unless stated otherwise on the product page).  If you order more than 1 unit, the fabrics will be cut as a single run where possible. If you order quantity 2 = a half metre will be cut, quantity 3 = three quarters of a metre, quantity 4 = one metre, quantity 8 = two metres.


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