Quiltmania Magazine No 146 Nov-Dec 2021



Quiltmania Magazine No 146

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In your Nov-Dec 2021 issue:

In your November – December 2021 issue:

  • Portrait of an artist: Marion Drake, quilter and quilts collector
  • Exhibition: 26th European Patchwork Meeting, France
  • Exhibition: Salon Pour l’Amour du Fil, 12th Edition, Nantes
  • Textile stories: Exhibition the Art of the Quilter at Colonial Williamsburg
  • Quilts Home Tour at Judy Severson’s

Your quilts and patchwork projects with patterns and explanations:

  • Mystery Quilt, sixth part by Nathalie Méance for La Fée Pirouette
  • This & That by Charisma Horton
  • Blue Stars and Leaves by Janette Bibby
  • Mars, Vénus & les autres by Renée Ferré
  • Opulence by Pat Forster
  • Etoiles et Fleurs by Cosabeth Parriaud
  • Yule Tree by Vanessa Goertzen


For fabric orders, the price shown for quantity 1 is per Fat Quarter Metre (unless stated otherwise on the product page).  If you order more than 1 unit, the fabrics will be cut as a single run where possible. If you order quantity 2 = a half metre will be cut, quantity 3 = three quarters of a metre, quantity 4 = one metre, quantity 8 = two metres.


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