NEW - Quilt Recipes - Jen Kingwell



Quilt Recipes is the latest book from Jen Kingwell, combining her love of quilting with her love of baking, 
which was passed down to her from her mum.

Years in the making, Jen has dreamt of creating a book that showcases quilts in a new light, 
where they shine alongside stunning interior design and push the boundaries of how they are perceived.

Quilt Recipes combines 12 quilt and cushion projects from Jen with 8 recipes passed down from her mum, 
all photographed against a modern interior aesthetic.

For lovers of quilts and baking, Quilt Recipes is a book that nourishes the soul and the tummy.


Language: English

Writer:Jen Kingwell

Editors / Publishers: Jen Kingwelll

Publication Date: November 2023

Projects: 26 projects

Pages: 216 pages



For fabric orders, the price shown for quantity 1 is per Fat Quarter Metre (unless stated otherwise on the product page).  If you order more than 1 unit, the fabrics will be cut as a single run where possible. If you order quantity 2 = a half metre will be cut, quantity 3 = three quarters of a metre, quantity 4 = one metre, quantity 8 = two metres.


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